Financial brokerage facilities

Asset Classes

We specialize in delivering high-quality brokerage services for a broad range of financial products that are designed to meet the needs of our clients in a constantly evolving market environment. Our products include fixed income securities, interest rate swaps, equities, equity-related products, credit derivatives, commodities and structured products. Our focus on leveraging innovative technology solutions shapes our business strategy and through continued investment, we are committed to bringing new, dynamic products to the global marketplace.


Execution Services

We offer multiple means of execution, including a hybrid voice and electronic broking model for trade services. Our bespoke solutions cater to the needs of our clients through fast to market, flexible systems. The scalability of our business is easily transferable across different regions and products. These capabilities are expertly supported by our multi-asset, integrated voice and electronic price execution platform for the inter-bank and broker community.

  • Voice Brokering

Our brokers offer an efficient means to price discovery and a high quality service focused on discretion and anonymity. In addition, we offer clients the option to access electronic liquidity.

  • Electronic Brokering

Our continued investment in technology enables us to meet a diverse range of client needs quickly and effectively, reinforcing a long history of delivering excellence. Our trading platform establishes a direct link between our brokers and customers. We provide electronic trading services for various financial products through our trading platform offering for voice and electronic execution. Products supported include government bond markets, corporate bonds and credit default swaps.

Clients can execute transactions across asset classes utilizing a full range of options, including voice and hybrid broking, request-for quote, our anonymous auction-style platform, and our central limit order books.

We are leveraging our platform to offer fully electronic trading in certain products as they transition from voice to electronic execution.