Turnkey General contracting works

INVESTPRO is specializing in EPCM construction and general contracting works for objects in the following fields:

  • Agriculture (crops processing, greenhouses, dairy farming, cattle breeding

  • Food industry (dairy and meat processing, breweries, distilleries and others)

INVESTPRO provides general contracting service for many years. Over the years, the customers are convinced of the professionalism of this service and convenience.

Today, general contracting – services demanded by the market, and such orders in INVESTPRO majority.

General contracting – is the management of all processes that occur on a construction site. The functions of the general contractor include construction management, ensuring the smooth operation of all involved in the construction services. General contracting works are related to the provision of efficient and successful cooperation of all specialists in the course of construction for commissioning on schedule.


That is the general contractor which is responsible for the construction works, for the adherence to deadlines and quality of the constructed object, that’s why he would bear all risks and shall report to the customer. Therefore, it is important to select a professional and competent general contractor that will perform its tasks.

So, the general contractor carries out all types of works on construction and designing, organizing the work with subcontractors, ensures the safety of the construction works, hands over the object to the customer as a finished “turnkey” product.


Main activities:

  • Preparation of project documentation;
  • manufacturing and installation of metal structures;
  • manufacturing and installation of steel tanks with a capacity of 2,000 – 100,000 m3;
  • installation of process equipment and piping;
  • acting as general contractor