Food industry

Working in the modern food sector, your facilities need to meet specific requirements. With proven experience delivering state-of-the-art and compliant facilities for diverse organizations, including building renovations to the construction of new temperature-controlled facilities, we collaborate closely with you, starting early in the process, to deliver a highly-functional and innovative building customized to support your unique business and real estate needs.


INVESTPRO offers complete industrial construction and general contracting services for food processing plants of all sizes. We provide advice and management for all elements of a project, including design and development, city permitting, trade management and scheduling, process component installation, and construction. When INVESTPRO manages your entire project, we ensure that the project is built exactly to the engineering design specifications—on time and on budget.

For food processing plant system upgrades, we can provide general contracting services to modify existing facilities, build new layouts, and add space for new processing equipment. INVESTPRO has the skills and licensing to offer centralized management of construction projects, providing seamless integration of design, construction, product installation, and ongoing service.


As a licensed construction contractor, INVESTPRO can manage all of your plant construction needs, from the design-and-build of a new plant to modification of an existing facility. Because we offer engineering, fabrication, installation, and general construction services, we can facilitate comprehensive upgrades to your system, including modernizing the plant’s mechanical scheme and updating the overall facility.

INVESTPRO offers centralized hub for all phases of plant construction, including:

  • Design and development
  • Permitting
  • Trade management and scheduling
  • Systems installation
  • Construction
  • Project coordination
  • Quality control to exact engineering standards


INVESTPRO has completed a range of general construction projects, including:

  • Beverage manufacturing and bottling plants
  • New building construction projects for specific equipment, from evaporators to waste water treatment systems to storage tank farms
  • Expansion construction projects for dairy and cheese processing facilities
  • Construction and modification of breweries
  • Sport and fruit drink plant construction
  • Construction and modification of ethanol distilleries