Project monitoring

INVESTPRO is one of the leading consulting companies dedicated to advise to clients regarding the building and management of the construction industry.

INVESTPRO is a company with varied skills and capacity to adjust to business changes and progress, ensuring our clients maximum opportunities and minimum risk. With over 30 years of experience team, in the immovable and buildings industry, we know very well the risks associated with crediting and property operations.

We approach practically working with the financing institutions in order to identify and reduce risk in transactions, which ensures that the financier has the appropriate information at different stages in major investment decisions.

We consult on the important elements of a project before making the land drawdown, which is essential for the financier to make significant resolutions before accomplishing a project.

This could include a general presentation of:

  • site conditions
  • construction costs
  • construction program
  • planning approval

 Project monitoring:

We are the funder’s ‘virtual presence’ on site during the construction period. We review progress on site, review the contractor’s monthly application and approve the developer’s monthly drawdown. At all times we are focused on the cost to complete the project.