International Development Assistance

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Cultural and linguistic differences, understanding of legal requirements and of resources available are just a few of the challenges that INVESTPRO can help to exceed. INVESTPRO provides international assistance for development of all types of construction and infrastructure corporate projects.

A part of services are:

  • Total project management
  • Financing forms preparation
  • Project implementation documents preparation
  • Project reviews and reporting
  • Preparation of tender documentation and contract management
  • Consultant engagement and management
  • Construction supervision and auditing
  • Community engagement and local approvals facilitation
  • Community development strategies preparation
  • Corporate governance structuring
  • Local income generation strategies for communities
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Design and Infrastructure planning for:
    • Roads
    • Hotels
    • Water
    • Drainage
    • Waste management
    • Wastewater management
    • Gas
    • Electricity
  • Town planning applications
  • Preparation of environmental management plans