Market Research & Product Development

Market Research

It is critical that management understand key market trends to take the appropriate actions to maximize current financial performance as well as make the necessary decisions in the future. The information needed often must be researched or developed from statistical information published by government agencies and trade groups or through contacts with customers, competitors and other knowledgeable sources. Market knowledge is power.

Investpro has provided clients valuable market research and intelligence in a number of areas, including:

  • Demand for specific products or grades
  • Product prices levels and volumes sold
  • Customer surveys of opinions and perceptions of producers and competitors
  • Interest in new products or sources of supply
  • Export and Import market opportunities
  • Assessment of market position
  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses of major competitors
  • Identification of market opportunities

Our industry experience and proven record ensures you get the best result for your forest. Investpro has developed key relationships with domestic and export forest products companies, which enables us to give clients returns that are in line with large scale commercial forest operations. This is complemented by a strong base of contractors (logging, cartage and forest roading), who can provide the right harvest solution in consulting for forest harvesting and marketing service.

We manage all aspects of compliance to Health and Safety, operate an Environmental Management System to ensure all requirements, permitted or consented harvesting activities are met. We have good working relationships with both state authorities, along with utilities providers, ensuring the bases are covered when undertaking harvesting of your forest and product development.

Every wood processing company has a different set of needs, commonly financial, risk or land use based. Investpro aims to understand each client’s needs, and develop a processing and marketing approach to best fit these.